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AT&T Offering Cheaper Texting Option For Globetrotters

AT&T today announced a new package deal that will give customers traveling abroad 50 messages to send for a flat rate of $10 per month. Users can send SMS text or MMS messages with pictures and video. That flat rate translates to $0.20 per message if a user takes advantage and sends a... - read more

Five Things To Do This Month With Your DROID

This March, Verizon Wireless customers with DROID by Motorola smartphones can add something new and different to their day-to-day routine. Whether customers are thawing out of winter in the Northeast, craving some fun in the sun, or looking for an Ethiopian restaurant in San Diego to stimulate... - read more

T-Mobile USA Considering Deal With Clearwire

According to Reuters, T-Mobile USA is looking at different ways to boost its spectrum capacity. As part of that goal, the company is considering forming a joint venture with one or more other companies. "We continue to look at JV opportunities for additional spectrum... there are a number of... - read more

HTC HD2 Launches March 24 On T-Mo

HTC and T-Mobile at a press event last night in New York City finally nailed down a release date for the HTC HD2. A T-Mobile spokesman confirmed that the new smartphone, which runs WinMo 6.5. The HD2 has mustered some anticipation from consumers and tech geeks. The touchscreen device will... - read more

AT&T Gets Ready To Roll Out New Messaging Phones

AT&T announced several new messaging services designed to bring smartphone-like experiences to a wider range of lower-cost devices. Four new Quick Messaging devices will be added to its line-up. "Quick Messaging Devices are very important for us – it's a category that we defined... - read more

Game On For Verizon Wireless Customers With Palm Pre Plus Smartphones

Verizon Wireless customers with the Palm® Pre™ Plus can experience the most popular console games on the nation’s most reliable and largest wireless voice and 3G data network. Pre Plus smartphones operating on the Palm webOS™ platform offer customers exciting gaming... - read more

Verizon Wireless CASIO G'zOne Brigade Offers Businesses A Tough Exterior For Extreme Conditions

Verizon Wireless and CASIO today announced that the water, dust and shock resistant CASIO® G’zOne Brigade™ is available today. The CASIO Brigade is the perfect device for business customers in industries such as construction, public safety and utilities who need devices that... - read more

T-Mobile Launches HSPA+ Laptop Stick

T-Mobile USA has unveiled the first HSPA+ laptop stick for the U.S. market. The webConnect Rocket, which will be available beginning this Sunday, is compatible with the carrier's recently launched HSPA+ network in Philadelphia, its HSPA 7.2 network and Wi-Fi. T-Mobile is not offering an... - read more

iPhone OS 4.0 Reportedly To Include Multitasking

Apple plans to offer a “full-on solution” for multitasking in version 4.0 of the iPhone OS, according to AppleInsider. An inability to run more than one application at a time is one of the most frequent criticisms of the iPhone OS - and the ability to multitask is often touted... - read more

T-Mobile Provides Devs With User Location Tools

T-Mobile today announced that it has joined WaveMarket's Veriplace Cloud Location Platform Initiative. This initiative provides developers of mobile apps and services with the APIs (application programming interface) that they might need to enable their apps with geo-location features.... - read more

Verizon's First LTE Handset Coming Mid-2011

In a recent interview, Verizon Wireless' chief technology officer, Tony Malone, indicated that the company will have a Long Term Evolution handset ready for the market by the middle of 2011. That's about six months sooner than Verizon had expected. Malone noted that the device won't be... - read more

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network Testing Promises Significantly Faster Speeds Than Current 3G Networks

Verizon Wireless announced today that its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network field trials in the United States have demonstrated wireless data speeds that are significantly faster than today’s 3G network speeds. Trials in Boston and Seattle indicate the network is capable of peak... - read more

Verizon To Score Microsoft's 'Pink' Phones By Summer

According to an unnamed source cited by Reuters, Verizon Wireless plans to sell two new devices from Microsoft that are not Windows Phone 7 handsets. Reuters' source says that the two new phones are being developed under the code name "Pink" and they will be aimed at heavy users of social... - read more

AT&T Joins Sprint In Green Efforts

AT&T recently announced that it is going to be adopting new standards for its packaging and handset designs to reduce waste, encourage recycling and reduce its carbon footprint. AT&T is working with manufacturers to reduce the amount of packaging that goes into its handset boxes, and... - read more

Virgin Mobile USA Confirms May 25 Cut-Off

Sprint and Virgin Mobile USA have officially started notifying its postpaid customers (former Helio) that Virgin Mobile is winding down and will cease operation of its postpaid service by May 25. Sprint hopes that it can convert some Virgin postpaid customers to full Sprint postpaid customers.... - read more

Non-Profits Set Up Mobile Giving For Chile

U.S. carriers were quick to react over the weekend with mobile giving programs after the 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Chile early Saturday. Similar to the tragedy that struck Haiti, the major U.S. carriers mobilized and provisioned short codes for use in mobile giving campaigns to... - read more

Sprint Supports Earthquake Relief Efforts In The Republic Of Chile With Mobile Giving

In the wake of this morning's 8.8 magnitude earthquake in the Republic of Chile, Sprint announced today that customers on Sprint, Nextel, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA will be able to support the earthquake relief efforts conducted by Convoy of Hope, Friends of the... - read more

Apps For Everyone On Palm Pre Plus And Palm Pixi Plus

Whether a student, mom or business professional, Verizon Wireless customers with new Palm® smartphones can get down to work or play with a wide variety of applications running on the nation’s most reliable and largest wireless network. Operating on the Palm webOS™ platform, both... - read more

AT&T Steps Into The LG Arena

AT&T today announced the newest addition to its Mobile TV lineup, the LG Arena. The LG Arena isn’t a new phone, having been launched a year ago, and LG has already replaced the device with a new flagship in the LG Mini, which Phone Scoop saw first hand at this year’s Mobile World... - read more

Droid - Imagio Can Become FiOS TV Remotes

Today Verizon Wireless announced a partnership with its parent company, Verizon Communications, that will allow subscribers to Verizon's FiOS TV services to use their Motorola Droid or HTC Imagio as a remote control. The Verizon FiOS Mobile Remote app lets the Droid and Imago do everything that... - read more

Backflip First Of 5 Android Handsets Headed To AT&T

Today AT&T said that it will begin offering Motorola's Backflip Android phone starting on March 7. The Backflip will be the first Android handset to be offered by AT&T. It runs Motorola's MOTOBLUR social networking software, which so far has only be offered to T-Mobile customers in the... - read more

Verizon Wireless And Skype Join Forces To Create A Global Mobile Calling Community

At the 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Verizon Wireless and Skype today announced a strategic relationship that will bring Skype to Verizon Wireless smartphones in March. The new Skype mobile™ product enhances Verizon Wireless’ smartphones for users who have data plans by... - read more

Vodafone - Verizon Wireless And nPhase Announce Strategic Alliance To Provide Global M2M Solutions

Vodafone, Verizon Wireless and nPhase, a Verizon Wireless / Qualcomm Joint Venture, today announced they are forming a strategic alliance aimed at accelerating the adoption of global machine-to-machine (M2M) deployments by simplifying the remote management and monitoring of devices spread across... - read more

Verizon Wireless Location-Enabled Mobile Broadband Devices Broaden GPS Capabilities For The Enterprise

Verizon Wireless today announced that businesses can now use select Mobile Broadband PC cards and USB modems with a variety of third-party Location Based Services (LBS) applications for navigation, in-vehicle tracking, geo-fencing and more. Location-Enabled Mobile Broadband uses the... - read more

Verizon Wireless Global Enterprise And Government Team Boost Portfolio With Routing Customization Solution

Verizon Wireless today announced the availability of Dynamic Mobile Network Routing to improve and enhance the ability of enterprise customers to seamlessly integrate their wireline and wireless networks. The solution will be part of an expanding portfolio of wireless offerings available to... - read more

AT&T Pushes Family Locator Details To iPhone

Today AT&T announced an updated version of its FamilyMap iPhone application that comes with a number of new features. The biggest change is that it allows users to locate family members and see their whereabouts directly on their mobile phone. Previously this feature was limited to a... - read more

AT&T Says SlingPlayer Mobile Over 3G A Go

Today AT&T said that it will allow a new, optimized version of the SlingPlayer Mobile application to operate over its 3G data network. Previously, the SlingPlayer Mobile application was restricted to work only over Wi-Fi. AT&T tested the application during the last months of 2009, and... - read more

Verizon Wireless Supports Text4baby Program

Verizon Wireless, the company with the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless voice and 3G data network, said today that it is participating in text4baby – a new, free mobile information service providing timely health information to pregnant women and new moms through a... - read more

Page Plus Cellular Lowers Roaming Fees

Today Page Plus Cellular announced that it has dropped roaming charges from 59 cents per minute to 29 cents per minute. Customers will only be charged this fee when roaming off of Page Plus' network. Source: Phonescoop - read more

Motorola DEVOUR Brings MOTOBLUR To Verizon Wireless 3G Data Network

Verizon Wireless and Motorola, Inc. today announced the availability of Motorola DEVOUR™ in March. Motorola DEVOUR will be the first Verizon Wireless phone to feature MOTOBLUR™, Motorola’s unique Android™-powered content delivery service created to make wireless phones... - read more

Verizon Wireless Launches VZ Navigator 5.0

Verizon Wireless, provider of the nation’s largest and most reliable 3G network, today announced the launch of VZ Navigator® 5.0, the newest version of its award-winning map, navigation and local search service, which helps users find their way around town. Powered by TeleCommunication... - read more

Verizon Pushes Free Calling To Haiti Out To Feb. 14

Today Verizon Wireless said that it is extending its free calling services to Haiti from Verizon landline and mobile phones to February 14. The program was originally set to expire Jan. 31. Source: Phonescoop - read more

More Music On BlackBerry Smartphones From Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless said today it is bringing more music to many of its BlackBerry® smartphone customers with the introduction of the exclusive slotRadio+ microSD card. Designed by SanDisk, the slotRadio+ microSD card combines 1,000 popular songs featuring top-charting Billboard® artists... - read more

Get The Nations Most Reliable 3G Network On New Palm webOS Phones

Today’s availability of Palm® Pre™ Plus and Palm Pixi™ Plus will bring the Palm webOS™ experience to the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless 3G network. The reach and reliability of Verizon Wireless’ 3G network will provide customers with a 3G... - read more

Verizon Waives Calling Fees To Haiti

Today Verizon Wireless joined T-Mobile and Cricket in waiving calling fees from both its wireless and wireline customers to Haiti. Verizon customers in Haiti will not be charged to call the U.S. Verizon Wireless said it will waive all extra calling fees retroactive to the time of the earthquake... - read more

Verizon Offers Free FiOS DVR App To Droid

Verizon Wireless recently made a free application available to its Android customers via the Android Market. The app, which is called Verizon FiOS Mobile, allows Android users to program their FiOS DVRs remotely from their wireless devices. The app also lets them browse and search TV... - read more

Verizon Wireless Offers Simple - Affordable Convenience With New Unlimited Voice Plans

New monthly service plans from Verizon Wireless make connecting to the nation’s most reliable wireless network easier than ever. Beginning Jan. 18, customers may sign up for a new Nationwide Unlimited Talk plan that allows customers to call anyone in the United States for $69.99 monthly... - read more

AT&T Alters Pricing In Wake of Verizon Announcement

Today AT&T made some changes in its wireless voice, texting and data plans to better compete with the changes made by Verizon Wireless this morning. Similar to Verizon Wireless, the new plans will be available starting Monday, January 18. AT&T's feature phone customers can choose... - read more

HTC myTouch 3G Fender Edition Launching Jan. 20

Today T-Mobile announced that it will begin offering the HTC myTouch 3G Fender Edition on January 20. The updated version of the myTouch has several new features, including a custom-designed back plate, 3.5mm headset jack, a 16GB memory card, free access to doubleTwist music sync software, and... - read more

T-Mobile Waives Haiti Calling And Roaming Fees

Today T-Mobile announced that it will not charge fees on calls placed to Haiti between January 12 and January 31 in order to support those seeking information on loved ones in the country. T-Mobile also said that it will not charge roaming fees for those customers who are in Haiti. All fees will... - read more

Palm webOS Arrives On Verizon Wireless Network With A Plus

Today at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show, Verizon Wireless and Palm, Inc. announced the Jan. 25 availability of Palm® Pre™ Plus and Palm Pixi™ Plus, bringing the Palm webOS™ experience to customers on the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless 3G... - read more

AT&T Finally Boards Android Bandwagon

This morning in Las Vegas, AT&T announced that it plans to bring five handsets to market in the first half of 2010 that will run Google's Android platform. The devices will come from Dell, HTC and Motorola. According to AT&T, the Motorola device will have a "unique" form factor and will... - read more

Boost Mobile Adding BlackBerry And Sanyo Phones To Unlimited Offering

Boost Mobile is prepared to offer its Monthly Unlimited plans on three CDMA handsets that will be released later this month. The Kyocera Sanyo Mirro SCP3810 and Sanyo Incognito SCP6760 can take advantage of the $50 Monthly Unlimited plan. Source: Phonescoop - read more

Motorola Planning Second Maintenance Update For Droid

Today Motorola said that it is planning to release a second system software maintenance update for the Droid device. Motorola said it is incorporating customer feedback to make further improvements and changes in the system software. It didn't provide a timeframe. Source: Phonescoop - read more

HTCs HD2 Headed To T-Mobile This Spring

Today at CES, HTC announced that its HD2 Windows Mobile phone will be available from T-Mobile starting some time later this Spring. An exact date wasn't provided, nor was pricing. The HD2 was first announced in 2009 and features a 4.3-inch HD display. Source: Phonescoop - read more

T-Mobile Upgrades To HSPA 7.2Mbps First To Deploy HSPA+

Today T-Mobile announced that it has upgraded its entire 3G network to HSPA 7.2Mbps (peak speeds). That's an improvement from 3.6Mbps, and should allow for faster wireless downloads. T-Mobile also pointed out that its 3G footprint now covers some 200 million Americans. T-Mobile also said that it... - read more

Google Officially Intros The Nexus One

Today at a press event in California, Google officially announced the Nexus One Android phone. The Nexus One was designed in partnership with HTC. HTC CEO Peter Chou confirmed that the Nexus One has a 3.7-inch AMOLED display with HVGA (480 x 800) resolution and 1GHz Snapdragon processor. The... - read more

AT&T Details 3G Network Upgrades

Today AT&T said that it had implemented a series of software upgrades to improve its backhaul capabilities. The software should provide for a more consistent wireless data experience for all customers. AT&T says that it has six HSPA trial markets up and running, which include Charlotte,... - read more

Deck The DROID By Motorola With Apps A Plenty

Twas’ the night of holiday splendor and all through the land, Verizon Wireless customers were buying cool apps with the DROID by Motorola in hand. This holiday season, customers can rely on the DROID by Motorola to help them ease holiday stress and manage demands of the season. Whether... - read more

Verizon Wireless Updates LTE Specs

Today Verizon Wireless announced that it has revised the specifications developers will need to use to build devices that can access its Long Term Evolution network in the 700MHz band. The new specs include updated network access and SMS requirements, new information about lab and signaling... - read more