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T-Mobile Uncaps Data Plan for Google Phone

In advance of the new Google phone, T-Mobile has lifted the cap on its monthly data plan. The amendment was made a day after T-Mobile announced the G1, the first smartphone to use Google's Android mobile software platform. The T-Mobile G1 combines touch-screen functionality and a QWERTY... - read more

T-Mobile G1 with Google Android OS to Launch Oct. 22

Internet search leader Google today unveiled a handset developed with T-Mobile to compete with Apple's hot-selling iPhone. The T-Mobile G1, the first mobile device powered by Google's open-source Android software, has a large touch screen similar to the iPhone, but it also packs a... - read more

Verizon Wireless Offers No Contract Plans

Beginning today, Verizon Wireless customers can sign up for month-to-month service, without any contracts. The new Month-to-Month agreement lets consumers purchase new devices at full-retail price, or use their own CDMA devices without the commitment of a one- or two-year contract. Additionally... - read more

Samsung Rugby Rugged Push-to-Talk 3G Phone Now on AT&T

AT&T today launched the Samsung Rugby, its first military-spec device and only rugged handset to combine push-to-talk (PTT) with video share calling. Ideal for on-site field services, the Rugby is built to withstand harsh conditions. It is certified to Military Standard MI-SID-810F,... - read more

AT&T Rolls Out A-GPS - Adds Navigation Applications

AT&T has deployed assisted-GPS technology (A-GPS) on its network to add location-based services (LBS) on its cell phones, the company said today. It also said it will launch two navigation applications in the coming weeks, MapQuest Navigator and AAA Mobile navigator, underscoring its focus... - read more

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Clamshell Announced for T-Mobile

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion today unveiled the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 for T-Mobile, moving to increase its fast-growing share of the U.S. market with its first clamshell phone, the most popular format in North America. The Pearl Flip 8220 features a chrome-finished frame surrounding... - read more

AT&T Puts Yahoo's Search Engine on Cell Phones

AT&T has become the first U.S. carrier to make Yahoo's search engine the default on its cell phones, the companies said today. AT&T will offer, through its mobile Internet portal, a collection of Yahoo's oneSearch mobile Web services including links to news, financial information,... - read more

HTC Fuze Touch Screen Smartphone Announced for AT&T

AT&T today announced the HTC Fuze, its 3G tri-band HSDPA Windows Mobile smartphone based off the international HTC Touch Pro phone. The Fuze offers multiple methods of control. It features a 5-row slide-out QWERTY keyboard for quick text entry and a large 2.8-inch VGA touch screen with... - read more

Samsung Knack Slim Clamshell Announced for Verizon

Verizon Wireless today announced the Samsung Knack, a slim clamshell with an ergonomic design, will be available on October 14. The Knack boasts a 2.2-inch internal screen with large text and number fonts, a simplified user interface and messaging communication. A large keypad with tactile... - read more

Boost Gives Louisiana and Texas Customers A Roaming Break

Roaming charges. They’re a fact of life in the cellular world, particularly in prepaid. What happens, though, when citizens are forced to evacuate their home calling area because of severe weather conditions? We saw this over the weekend with Hurricane Gustav. Thankfully, Boost Mobile came... - read more

AT&T Expands International Data Plans for Apple iPhone

AT&T today offered 100 MB and 200 MB a month international data plans for iPhone users for a $120 and $200 monthly fee. These new plans are in addition to existing plans, including 20 MB and 50 MB plans. Customers can make and receive calls in over 200 countries and send email and browse... - read more

Verizon Wireless Blitz Offers QWERTY Keyboard

Verizon Wireless announced today its Blitz, a multimedia device with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard designed for text messaging. The Blitz has a 2.2-inch screen for browsing the web or checking email. It doubles as a music player with access to VCAST Music's library of more than 5 million... - read more

Sony Ericsson TM506 HSDPA Phone Launched for T-Mobile

T-Mobile today announced the Sony Ericsson TM506, a compact and stylish clamshell phone designed for surfing the web. The TM506 was created for consumers who want to express their personal style. Its compact design fits into any pocket, purse or briefcase. Users can choose between Chrome with... - read more

LG Invision Brings AT&T Mobile TV

AT&T today announced the launch of the LG Invision, the smallest Mobile TV-capable phone in the U.S. The new multimedia device offers a crystal-clear screen so customers can enjoy AT&T Mobile TV. Users can watch their favorite programming, including major college football games on CBS... - read more

BlackBerry Bold Coming to AT&T Mid-September

The BlackBerry Bold will be coming to North America within the month now that RIM (Research In Motion) has launched it in Chile and Germany. The Bold is RIM's first major BlackBerry model in more than a year. It offers twice the screen resolution of current BlackBerry models. The Bold... - read more

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Music Phone Launched for T-Mobile

T-Mobile today launched the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic, a compact slider with external music controls. The 5610 XpressMusic is designed with a slider key to access music with a flick of the thumb. Aluminum side panels accent the high-gloss finish and large 2.2-inch, 16.7 million color display. It... - read more

T-Mobile Gives Parents More Control with Family Allowances

 T-Mobile will launch parental control features to family plans in August, allows parents to manage when and how their family members use their T-Mobile phones and service. With Family Allowances, parents can give teens an upfront monthly wireless allowance, eliminating the worry of... - read more

T-Mobile Gives Families a Break on Unlimited Plan

 T-Mobile today announced it would allow subscribers to its "unlimited" calling plan to include family members for half price. Customers can add up to four additional lines to an unlimited plan for $49.99 per month each. Competitors charge full price for additional lines on... - read more

Boost Mobile Offers $1-a-day Chat Plan

Sprint Nextel subsidiary Boost Mobile is now offering a $1-a-day pay as you go plan called the Chat Plan. The company is also lowering the price of its premium 600 minute offer to $60, down from $70 a month. The new Chat Plan offers unlimited nights and mobile-to-mobile calling. The plan also... - read more

AT&T to Sell Galaxy Note 3 October 4

AT&T today announced that it will begin selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on October 4. AT&T will also offer the Galaxy Gear smartwatch on October 4. The Gear is compatible only with the Note 3 at launch, but will eventually be compatible with other Galaxy-branded smartphones from... - read more

Verizon Cloud Offers Backup Service to Smartphones

Verizon Wireless today announced Verizon Cloud, a new backup and storage service that lets customers sync their smartphones and tablets to Verizon's servers. Verizon Cloud offers 500MB of storage for free, but offers up to 125GB of storage for $9.99 per month. Verizon says the free option... - read more

Verizon to Spend $100 Million on Sustainable Fuel

Verizon Communications, parent company of Verizon Wireless, today announced plans to invest $100 million in solar power and fuel cells. The alternate energy sources will be used at 19 different Verizon facilities in Arizona, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York. and... - read more

AT&T On Track to Cover 270M Pops with LTE This Year

AT&T today announced a modest expansion of its LTE 4G footprint to smaller markets around the country. The network is available in more than a dozen new markets for the first time, and has also expanded its reach in several existing markets. Between last week and this week, new markets... - read more