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T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Supports Mobile Hotspot and Tethering

Samsung has confirmed a few unannounced features of the Sidekick 4G. It supports both mobile hotspot and tethering for broadband data, as well as microSD cards (ships with 2GB card, has 1GB built-in). Other features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Source:  Phonescoop - read more

AT&T Customers can call Japan for Free through March

AT&T has been generous enough to open its network for calls and texts to Japan free of charge for the whole month of March, which can be a huge cost-saver for anybody in the US with friends and relatives in Japan. Google, Apple, Twitter and Microsoft, among others, are all donating... - read more

Verizon Wireless Confirms HTC Thunderbolt for March 17

Verizon Wireless today announced that the HTC Thunderbolt, its first Long Term Evolution 4G handset, will be available starting March 17. It will cost $249.99 with a new two-year agreement. The Thunderbolt runs Android 2.2 with the latest version of HTC's Sense user interface on board. It has a... - read more

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Boasts Group Text, 21Mbps HSPA+

T-Mobile and Samsung today announced the Sidekick 4G, a new generation of the Sidekick family that retains the Sidekick's defining characteristics while also breaking new ground. The Sidekick 4G keeps the familiar hardware design with pop-up 3.5-inch touch screen and five-row QWERTY keyboard,... - read more

T-Mobile Offering New $80 Plan for Limited Time

T-Mobile has made a new Even More post-paid plan available to individual lines that costs $79.99 per month. The plan offers 1500 anytime minutes, and unlimited messaging and unlimited data. T-Mobile says the plan will only be available for a limited time, but didn't indicate how long that will... - read more

Verizon releases the Motorola XOOM

While you were sleeping, Verizon released their newest Tablet, the Motorola XOOM for sale in select retail stores for $799.99 full retail, though it can be had for $599.99 with a 2-year data agreement, which ranges from $20/month for 1GB up to $80/month for 10GB. Of course, the main feature of... - read more

Page Plus improves Talk N Text 1200 plan

Good news for Page Plus users on the Talk N Text 1200 plan. The company recently announced some improvements to the plan that will provide customers with more messages and data. For the same $29.95 per month you get 1,200 minutes, 2,000 messages, and 100MB of data, up from 1,200 messages and... - read more

Motorola Atrix 4G to Launch March 6

AT&T today announced that it will make the Motorola Artix 4G available for preorder starting on February 13, with the device launching on March 6. The Atrix 4G will cost $199.99 and requires a new two-year contract. AT&T will be offering two accessory bundles with the Atrix 4G. The first combines... - read more

AT&T Announces Hotspot Feature

AT&T today announced that starting with the February 13 launch of the HTC Inspire 4G, it will offer a mobile hotspot feature to select smartphones. Together with a data plan, the feature will cost a total of $45 per month and allow for 4GB of data transfer. At the same time, AT&T is also adding a... - read more

Mac support for the Verizon Pantech UML290 4G LTE USB modem

Up until now, the two 4G LTE USB modes that Verizon has, the LG VL600 and Pantech UML290, were only compatible with the Windows operating system. But starting today, Mac uses can download the newest version of VZAccess Manager 7.2.4 to allow compatibility with Mac OS 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6 with the... - read more

Samsung Galaxy S 4G First 21Mbps Smartphone for T-Mobile

T-Mobile and Samsung today announced the Galaxy S 4G. The Galaxy S 4G follows in the footsteps of earlier Galaxy models and shares many specs, but it is the first handset from T-Mobile capable of using its faster 21Mbps HSPA+ network. Other features of the Galaxy S 4G include Samsung's 4-inch... - read more

Wireless Humor: Burglar arrested after leaving his cellphone charging in his victim's wall outlet

With many of today's older phone models losing battery power too quickly to suit users, it is no surprise that 25 year old Cody Wilkins was upset. His phone was running out of power and the fierce blizzard had cut off power to Mr. Wilkins' home in Silver Spring, Maryland. So he packed up his... - read more

VZ Navigator VX Brings 3D Maps to Droid Line

Verizon Wireless today announced a new version of its navigation software for its line up of Android devices that adds 3D maps. The 3D maps are supported in six cities to start (Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Mo., New York, and Washington, D.C.) and Verizon says more will be added... - read more

Mac Support Headed to Verizon's LTE Modems in February

Verizon Wireless today said that it is providing a software update for the LG VL600 4G LTE modem. The update improves performance. A Verizon spokesperson also told Phone Scoop via email that Verizon's LTE modems will support Apple devices at some point in February. Source: Verizon Wireless - read more

LG Optimus One arriving on Virgin Mobile as Optimus V

The LG Optimus One is one of the most popular affordable Android handsets out there - with a modification for almost each of the major carriers, you can even choose your network freely. And now Virgin Mobile joins the rest with its own version of the Optimus One - the LG Optimus V. The... - read more

T-Mobile Intros Text-Blocking and Family Locator Tools

T-Mobile today introduced the expanded availability of two separate services from Location Labs. The first is an application called DriveSmart, which can be used to prevent users from sending text messages or making voice calls when the phone is in driving mode. The application sends incoming... - read more

On Verizon Wireless, 'Smartphones Talk Free'

Verizon Wireless today announced a new promotion aimed at saving Family Plan customers some money. The Smartphones Talk Free promotion, which runs through January 6, 2011, offers customers who add a smartphone as a new line to an existing Family Plan a $10 monthly credit towards voice... - read more

T-Mobile Intros Promotional Plans for Holidays

T-Mobile today announced new data plan options for its customers, including a tethering option for smartphone users. The two new plan options offer 200MB per month for $10 per month with a new contract, or $15 per month for those not wishing to sign a contract. The new unlimited plan will... - read more

AT&T to Sell Samsung Solstice II TouchWiz QMD

Samsung today announced the upcoming availability of the Solstice II quick messaging device on AT&T's network. The Solstice II features a 3 inch touch display with threaded text messaging, social network apps, and GPS-based navigation. The Solstice II runs Samsung's TouchWiz 2.0 user... - read more

Virgin Lands Samsung Intercept as First Android Phone

Virgin Mobile USA announced via its Facebook page today that it will offer the Samsung Intercept as its first Android device. Virgin didn't announce pricing or availabilty, but indicated that more information would be shared soon. Source: Phonescoop - read more

Verizon Wireless Launches Mobile Recovery Tool

Verizon Wireless has announced the addition of an application called Mobile Recovery to its Total Equipment Coverage program. Mobile Recovery is a phone- and web-based application that customers can use to secure or find a missing or lost phone. With Mobile Recovery, customers can have their... - read more

BlackBerry Curve 3G Landing at T-Mobile Sept. 8

T-Mobile has announced via its Facebook page that it will begin offering the BlackBerry Curve 9300 with 3G starting September 8. The 9300 will eventually support the BlackBerry 6 OS, though it ships with OS 5.x. Source: Phonescoop - read more

T-Mobile G2 Will Be Carrier's First HSPA+ Phone

T-Mobile today posted a teaser site announcing the upcoming T-Mobile G2, which the carrier said would be its first HSPA+ handset. With few details available, T-Mobile only says that the phone will run at 4G speeds, T-Mobile's wording for its HSPA+ performance, which is comparable to Sprint's... - read more

Motorola Droid 2 Launches August 11 with Android 2.2

Verizon Wireless today announced the Motorola Droid 2, which will ship with Android 2.2 and Adobe's Flash Player Mobile 10.1. Verizon Wireless said the device will be available for pre-order starting August 11 through the Verizon Wireless web site. Similar to the original Droid, the Droid 2... - read more

R2D2 Droid 2 Special Edition Available in September

Verizon Wireless and Motorola said that an R2D2 variant of the Motorola Droid 2 will be available in limited quantities online in September. It will have Star Wars content and made to look like the R2D2 droid from the movies. Source: Phonescoop - read more

Samsung T369 Added to T-Mobile's Prepaid Lineup

T-Mobile recently started selling the Samsung T369, a new sideways slider messaging device. This handset offers a 1.3 megapixel camera, microSD slot, stereo Bluetooth, and speakerphone. The T369 is limited to EDGE data. The T369 has a full QWERTY keyboard for messaging. Source: Phonescoop - read more

Samsung Intensity II Lands at Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless and Samsung today announced the availability of the Intensity II, a sideways slider messaging device with full QWERTY keyboard. The Intensity II features a 2.2-inch display, 1.3 megapixel camera with video capture and infrared night vision, stereo Bluetooth and support for... - read more

Boost Lands Motorola Rambler and Bali Handsets

Boost Mobile today announced two new Motorola handsets, the Rambler and the Bali. Shared features include clamshell designs, 1.3 megapixel cameras with video capture, stereo Bluetooth, and support for microSD cards. Rambler: This flip phone has a full QWERTY keyboard for messaging... - read more

AT&T Expands Metro Wi-Fi Program

AT&T today announced an expansion of its metropolitan Wi-Fi hotspot program. Starting today, AT&T is providing access to Wi-Fi to smartphones in the Charlotte, N.C., area. It says the area covered includes South Brevard Street from the area around the NASCAR Hall of Fame Plaza to... - read more

AT&T Says Upload Speed Glitch Being Fixed

AT&T has provided an update on an issue its data network is experiencing in some portions of the country. A software problem originating in some Alcatel-Lucent equipment was limiting network upload speeds to less than 100Kbps. Alcatel-Lucent has developed a software patch to fix the... - read more

T-Mobile's HSPA+ Footprint Continues to Grow

T-Mobile recently announced an expansion of its HSPA+ network, which now covers nearly 50 markets across the U.S. It has launched service in a number of new markets, including: Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Waco, Texas; Baltimore, Md.; Baton Rouge and Lafayette, La.;... - read more

Verizon Wireless Pushing Software Update to LG Ally

Verizon Wireless has indicated via its support pages that a software update is being distributed to the LG Ally Android phone. Firmware version VS740ZV8 helps improve the QWERTY keyboard's performance; improves alerts; speeds the camera and message apps; adds a preloaded corporate calendar,... - read more

T-Mobile to Launch HSPA+ Handset Later this Summer

T-Mobile recently said that it plans to introduce its first HSPA+ capable handset at some point this summer. T-Mobile said the device in question will be a smartphone, and that more details will become available in the coming weeks. In the mean time, it has posted a blank teaser page where... - read more

LG dLite, GS-170, and Sentio All for Sale at T-Mo

T-Mobile is now selling all three handsets from LG that were announced earlier this year, including the dLite, GS-170, and Sentio. Source: Phonescoop - read more

Verizon Wireless Pushes V CAST to BlackBerries

Today Verizon Wireless announced that BlackBerry devices on its network will now have access to its V CAST services. BlackBerry customers using BIS (BlackBerry Internet Services, for consumers) will notice the addition of a V CAST icon in the main menu, which when used will link to Verizon's... - read more

AT&T Adds Sharp FX to Quick Messaging Phone Lineup

AT&T and Sharp today announced the addition of the FX to AT&T's collection of QWERTY-equipped quick messaging devices. AT&T says that this is the first device from Sharp to be added to its roster of phones. The FX is one of a handful of devices available from AT&T that... - read more

Boost Tweaks International Calling Options

Boost Mobile today announced a change to its international calling plans. International Connect is now available as an add-on to the existing Monthly Unlimited and BlackBerry Monthly Unlimited for an extra $10 per month. The plan now also offers unlimited calling to landlines in 150 cities... - read more

AT&T Samsung Captivate

AT&T announced that the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate will be available starting July 18th. Source: Phonescoop - read more

T-Mobile Intros 3000-Minute Family Plans

T-Mobile today began offering a new family plan with 3000 minutes. It sits between the 1500-minute and unlimited minute family plans. The base charges for two lines is the same when comparing the 3000-minute plan with the unlimited plan, but the per-line charge above and beyond two lines is... - read more

AT&T to Alter Feature Phone App Strategy with BREW

Early this year, AT&T committed to using Qualcomm's BREW Mobile Platform in future devices. Though it has not announced any new devices yet, AT&T did recently say that it will use BREW in its line of quick messaging devices (10 are in the works). AT&T also said that it wants to offer... - read more

Verizon Adds mSpot Radio to App Offering

Verizon Wireless today announced that it is offering the mSpot streaming radio service to its customers. mSpot provides access to over 300 different internet radio stations. which are streamed to the handset via Verizon's 3G network. The application is free, but the service cost $5.50 per month.... - read more

Verizon and Qualcomm Team for Brew App Catalog

At the Uplinq 2010 conference in San Franisco, Verizon Wireless and Qualcomm announced a new Open Catalog for Brew phones. The Open Catalog will let developers offer their apps to Brew feature phones on Verizon's network more quickly. Developers will not have to ensure that all phones are... - read more

Virgin Mobile Launches MiFi Hotspot Device

Virgin Mobile USA today launched the Novatel MiFi 2200. The modem is available for $150 with no contract. Virgin Mobile USA said the modem can be used with its Broadband2Go Top-Up cards, which start as low as $10 per month and range up to $60 per month for 5GB of data. Virgin Mobile USA expects... - read more

T-Mobile Announces Samsung Vibrant on Twitter

Through a combination of clues on its official Twitter feed and a Web site featuring a rebus puzzle, T-Mobile has officially announced the Samsung Vibrant, an upcoming smartphone in the Andrid-based Samsung Galaxy family. T-Mobile says the upcoming phone, expected to be shown at Samsung's Galaxy... - read more

LG Outs GU292 for AT&T

Today LG published information about the unannounced GU292 slider phone for AT&T. The GU292 is an entry-level handset with a basic feature set. It has quad-band GSM/EDGE and 3.6Mbps UMTS/HSDPA cellular radios. Other radios include Bluetooth 2.1+ERD and aGPS. The GU292 has a media player,... - read more

T-Mobile Confirms Samsung Behold II Update

T-Mobile has confirmed that Samsung Behold II users have started getting an over-the-air update this week. The update brings the phone to Android 1.6, which offers free navigation in Google Maps and Google Voice Search. In addition, Samsung is including the Swype keyboard software, as well as... - read more

Verizon Wireless and Motorola Launch Droid X

Today Verizon Wireless, Motorola, Google and Adobe took the stage at a press conference in New York City to announced the new Droid X, Verizon's latest in its series of Android devices. The Droid X is a slab-style touch phone. It has a 4.3-inch screen with WVGA resolution (854 x 480 pixels), HD... - read more

Verizon Announcing Next Motorola Droid on June 23

Verizon Wireless has announced that on June 23 it will be holding a press event to reveal the "next generation of Droid" from Motorola. According to Verizon Wireless, executives from Motorola, Adobe, Google and Verizon Wireless will be there. Adobe's presence strongly suggests that the new... - read more

T-Mobile Significantly Expands HSPA+ Footprint

T-Mobile today announced a large expansion of markets covered by its HSPA+ network. New metropolitan areas benefiting from the upgrade include: Los Angeles; Dallas; Atlanta; Houston; Seattle; Tampa and Orlando, Fla.; Pittsburgh; Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem, N.C.; Oklahoma City and... - read more

AT&T Announces HTC Aria

AT&T today announced the HTC Aria, a new Android 2.1 device that uses HTC's Sense user interface. The Aria has a 3.2-inch HVGA touch display, an optical mouse, a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and video capture. It has quad-band GSM/EDGE and 850/1900MHz 7.2Mbps HSPA. Other radios include... - read more