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AT&T Adds More Data to New Mobile Share Value Plans

DALLAS, October 31, 2014 — Beginning Sunday, Nov. 2, AT&T* is enhancing its Mobile Share Value plan portfolio with two new plans**.   We’re giving customers more data to share on two of our plans, so now you can get 3GB for $40 a month and 6GB for $70 a month (plus device access charges).


More data to share is a great deal. Let’s check out an example – If you buy a  smartphone on AT&T NextSM and sign up for the Mobile Share Value plan with 3GB of data, you’ll pay $65 a month for your wireless service on that smartphone. Sending emails, sharing photos, downloading music, whatever you want to do – there are now more options to find a plan that keeps you connected.


New and existing AT&T consumer and business customers will see great value in these plans, which includes domestic unlimited talk and text, – and the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network.


Source:  AT&T

Added: 11/01/2014