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AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro

The AT&T Pantech Matrix Pro is dual-sliding, double-keyboard cell phones, the features looks good. Its a good device for SMS addicts who also want the ability to tether and get their work e-mails. Pantech Matrix Pro has a 2 megapixel camera, 2.4″ LCD screen, 12 key and QWERTY... - read more

T-Mobile Tests $50/Month Service Plan

T-Mobile USA, the No. 4 U.S. mobile phone service, said on Wednesday it is offering a $50 per month service plan to long-time customers in San Francisco, in the latest sign that U.S. operators may be facing a price war. Under the promotion the company is also offering customers a $135 credit if... - read more

Verizon And FusionOne Team Up For Multi-Service Sync

Verizon today announced it is working with FusionOne, a leading provider of mobile phone content portability services, to develop and offer consumer and business services using FusionOne’s new multi-service sync technology. Verizon customers should begin to see the ability to sync... - read more

Boost Mobile Reintroduces Itself To Wireless Consumers With New Image - Products And Services

It's a sign of the times. Money doesn't go as far as it once did, and consumers feel helpless and frustrated. When prepaid wireless providers add in activation fees, overage charges and extra costs for services like voicemail and roaming, consumers grumble and accept it. They're wronged. They... - read more

Mobile Web From Verizon Wireless Now Optimized To Give Customers Access To More Full-HTML Web Sites On Their Wireless Phones

Verizon Wireless, the nation’s leading wireless service provider, announced today that customers who visit Web sites on their mobile phones using Verizon Wireless’ Mobile Web service will now be able to get to the same sites they visit using personal computers and enjoy a similar... - read more

Verizon Wireless Confirms New Browser Headed To Handsets

Verizon Wireless has been putting a new mobile web browser onto its feature phones from technology partner Novarra. Novarra's browser replaces the Open Wave browser that's been on Verizon's phones for years. The Novarra browser uses a proxy to re-render web sites for consumption on mobile... - read more

T-Mobile Samsung Memoir Gets Official Release Date

Back in early February, Samsung revealed that it would bring its 8-megapixel camera phone, the Samsung Memoir, to T-Mobile by the end of the month, and the company has kept its promise. The night before the official start of GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009 here in Barcelona, Samsung and... - read more

Motorola VE66 LX Cell Phone

The Motorola VE66 LX is a gilded cell phone. Motorola VE66 has a 5 megapixel camera, 3G connectivity, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP and microSD card slot. Soure: New Cell Phone - read more

Motorola QA4 Cell Phone

The Motorola QA4 cell phone has a 2.8″ TFT touchscreen display with 240 x 400 pixels, accelerometer,CDMA/EV-DO connectivity. Source: New Cell Phone - read more

Motorola QA1 Cell Phone

The AT&T Motorola QA1 Cell Phone has a full QWERTY keyboard, 2.8″ touchscreen, an EV-DO set. Source: New Cell Phone - read more

Boost Revitalizes iDEN Network

Boost Mobile’s decision to refocus its efforts on parent company Sprint Nextel Corp.’s iDEN network may be just what the doctor ordered — or a way to make the iDEN network a more attractive acquisition target. After launching a trial of an unlimited offering on Sprint... - read more

Verizon Wireless Adopts Alltels MyCircle Affering - Albeit At Higher Prices

Alltel Communications L.L.C customers can relax; Verizon Wireless announced it will offer its own version of Alltel’s long-standing MyCircle calling plan, just with a different name. Ever since Verizon Wireless announced it would acquire Alltel, customers and industry watchers began to... - read more

TeleNav Navigation Service Coming To The T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile G1 users will soon have access to TeleNav's advanced turn-by-turn GPS navigation service. TeleNav GPS NavigatorThe G1 comes bundled with Google's basic navigation software, but TeleNav GPS Navigator offers more: speech recognition, traffic alerts with one-click rerouting, more than 10... - read more

T-Mobile Brings Unlicensed Mobile Access To Enterprise

T-Mobile is teaming with Meru Networks to let businesses have cell phone calls switch between cellular connections and Wi-Fi networks. As more mobile professionals use their cell phone or smartphone as their primary handset, this deal could potentially lead to cost savings as calls over the... - read more

LiMo Updates Mobile Linux Platform Verizon Wireless To Deploy LiMo Handset In 2009

Today the LiMo Foundation announced a number of updates to the LiMo Linux platform, with contributions coming from a handful of companies, including Azingo, LG, Purple Labs and Samsung. The new capabilities will bring advanced multimedia features, location-based services, better device... - read more

T-Mobile Motorola Renew Up To 9 Hours Of Talk Time

The T-Mobile Motorola Renew cell phone is now on sale. New T-Mobile Phones - Motorola Renew has Noise Reduction with Speaker Boost, Music player, Text messaging. This handset comes in is also made from recycled material and the phone ships with a postage-paid envelope to a recycling center. Some... - read more

One Easy-To-Remember Nationwide Phone Number Simplifies Verizon's Customer Service

Verizon is now offering consumers a single, convenient toll-free phone number to contact the company, greatly simplifying the process of reaching the correct customer service area. The new number, 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966), replaces more than 100 toll-free numbers used in the past by... - read more

T-Mobile Samsung Memoir

The T-Mobile Samsung Memoir cell phone is the very first 8 Megapixel touchscreen handset to be released in the US. New T-Mobile Phones - Samsung Memoir is prettier than the Behold, but also looks heavier. I actually like it, do you like a cool phone? Samsung Memoir Full Features: 8.0... - read more

Motorola - Sprint And Boost Mobile Get Ready To Welcome Thinnest iDEN Flip Motorola Stature i9

Motorola, Inc., Sprint and Boost Mobile have teamed up to announce the upcoming availability of Motorola Stature i9, the thinnest flip phone in the Nextel Direct Connect portfolio. Motorola Stature i9 will be available from Boost by the end of February with Sprint getting the device shortly... - read more

Verizon Wireless Launches Verizon Hub With Visual Voicemail Powered By uReach

uReach Technologies, a leading provider of converged communications solutions for wireless, wireline and broadband carriers, and Verizon Wireless, the nation’s leading wireless service provider, announced today that the new Verizon Hub includes uReach’s visual voice messaging... - read more

T-Mobile Confirms G1 Successors

Fans of the T-Mobile G1 are in luck, as an executive has confirmed that the fourth-largest U.S. wireless carrier will launch successors later this year. The G1 was highly anticipated at its launch last November because it was the first commercially available handset that used Google's open... - read more

Leak Out On The T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009

The T-Mobile Sidekick models have sometime been dismissed as "kiddie" smartphones, but the next version appears ready to play in the big leagues. T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009According to details that were leaked to, the Sidekick LX 2009 will have a number of features generally... - read more

New Samsung Propel Pro Cell Phone

The Samsung Propel Pro has a QWERTY keyboard and an optical joystick from AT&T. Samsung Propel Pro running Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard. - read more

Verizon Wireless To Offer Trimble Outdoors Off-Road Nav

Trimble announced the availability of its off-road navigation software, Trimble Outdoors, on select cell phones from U.S. wireless operator Verizon Wireless. Customers get trip planning software, off-road navigation and journaling tools for outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, fishing... - read more

New LG CF360 Cell Phone

The LG CF360 cell phone is now on sale, you can to choose blue or red color. New LG Phones - AT&T LG CF360 features include a 1.3 megapixels, a 2 inch (QVGA) wite 240 x 320 pixels, 3G HSDPA 850/1900 MHz high-speed data and voice, Bluetooth. Entertainment features include AT&T Mobile... - read more

Verizon Taps Internet To Extend Wireless Coverage

Verizon Wireless customers now have an option to improve cellular signals where they are weak. They can add a Verizon Wireless Network Extender to improve reception through the Internet. Manufactured by Samsung, Verizon's extender is designed to bridge structural barriers to wireless coverage... - read more

Samsung Memoir Coming to T-Mobile Feb. 25th

According to some newly leaked docs, the 8MP Samsung Memoir is coming to T-Mobile February 25th. Source: Gizmodo - read more

LG VX9600 Versa

The LG VX9600, or the LG Versa, can be either a touch-screen phone or one with a QWERTY keyboard. Yes, apparently the touch-screen handset comes with a detachable QWERTY keyboard. There are also plans for other detachable modules, like a game controller pad, speakers, and maybe even a Wi-Fi... - read more

AT&T LG CF360 - New AT&T Cell Phones

The AT&T LG CF360 is a stylish 3G entertainment phone. LG CF360 has a 1.3-megapixel camera, A GPS, built-in MP3 player and Bluetooth, expandable microSD memory port with 8GB support. The black slider phone will be available in Q1 2009. Source: New Cell Phones - read more

Sony Ericsson TM506 Now Available In Scarlet Red For T-Mobile

T-Mobile has added a new color option to its fashionable Sony Ericsson TM506 mobile phone. The folder styled TM506, already available in black with emerald green and chrome with amber accents, is now available in scarlet red. Specifications, which have not changed on the handset, include a 2... - read more

Boost Launches Unlimited At $50 Using iDEN Network

Sprint Nextel Corp.’s Boost Mobile subsidiary unveiled an unlimited offering dubbed “Monthly Unlimited” that includes unlimited calling minutes, text messaging, wireless Web and walkie-talkie services for $50 per month. The new plan is for the carrier’s iDEN-based... - read more

LG CF750 - New LG Cell Phone

The LG CF750 cell phone will be here soon for AT&T. New LG Phones - LG CF750 has a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and face detection, a 2.4 inch touch-sensitive display, the camera is also able to record VGA-quality (640×480 resolution) videos at 30fps, microSD memory card slot, MP3... - read more

T-Mobile Boosts Smartphone Lineup With Shadow

T-Mobile this week said it is rolling out a smartphone that could be very appealing to the "prosumer" market because of its entertainment and communication capabilities. The T-Mobile Shadow is powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard, and it has a sliding form factor. The handset has a... - read more

Samsung Introduces Entry-Level SGH-t119 For T-Mobile

Samsung and T-Mobile announced the SGH-t119 entry level candybar cell phone today at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. The t119 features a built-in speakerphone and support for T-Mobile's myFaves service. The Samsung SGH-t119 measures in at a tiny 104.1mm x 45.7mm x 15.2mm (4.1" x... - read more

Texting While Driving: Everything You Need To Know About The New Law

On New Year's Day, it will become illegal to text message while driving in California. If this doesn't affect you now, your state may be right around the corner. You probably have a lot of questions about what precisely that means: Can you still use your BlackBerry to get directions... - read more

Samsung INNOV8 i8510M - New Samusng Cell Phones

The Samsung INNOV8 i8510M cell phone comes with support for North American from AT&T. New Samsung Phones - Samsung INNOV8 i8510M will have 7.2Mbps HSDPA AT&T 3G network and radio frequencies (850/1900 Mhz). The Samsung i8510M features include a TV-out connection, a 2.8-inch 16-million... - read more

AT&T Motorola Tundra - New AT&T Cell Phones

The AT&T Motorola Tundra cell phone is coming soon to stores. New Motorola Tundra VA76r is a rugged 3G clamshell device with a tough exterior that can withstand harsh environments. It’s cool!!! The Motorola Tundra key features: a 2 megapixel camera, HSDPA (UMTS) dual-band 850/1900 MHz,... - read more

BlackBerry Curve 8900 May Come To T-Mobile A Bit Sooner Than Expected

T-Mobile USA will almost certainly launch the BlackBerry Curve 8900 before too much longer; there have been too many leaks for there to be much room for doubt. But the exact day that's going to happen isn't as clear. BlackBerry Curve 8900T-Mobile itself has committed to introducing this... - read more

Huawei UMG181 3G Modem For T-Mobile Passes FCC

The Huawei UMG181 has officially passed through the FCC's testing procedures, headed to T-Mobile as the carrier's first 3G USB modem. The UMG181 features, at minimum, dual-band GSM (850/1900MHz) and UMTS (1700MHz) support, with HSPA for high-speed data transfers. This USB modem could... - read more

T-Mobile Nokia 7510 - New T-Mobile Cell Phones

The T-Mobile Nokia 7510 Supernova cell phone will be here soon. New T-Mobile Phones - Nokia 7510 Supernova is GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. I have to admit, if this handset will also be WiFi and 3G, it’s a good T-Mobile phone. The 7510 key features a 2.2” QVGA display supporting up... - read more

T-Mobile Dash Smartphone Now Available In Black

T-Mobile's Dash smartphone is now available in black, replacing the brushed aluminum facade of its predecessor. Specifications have not changed. The phone still offers a full QWERTY keyboard, a 1.3 Megapixel camera, WiFi, and Windows Mobile 6.0. Despite rumors, the model was not updated with... - read more

T-Mobile Loves Nature With MOTO W233 Renew

Our landfills are continually bombarded with a never-ending barrage of e-waste. We upgrade our laptops, digital cameras, and all sorts of other consumer electronics on a fairly regular basis, so there is a lot of that gadgetry that ends up in the trash. That's not good for the environment.... - read more

Recycling Old Phones A New Way To Give

Did you get a cell phone for Christmas? Why not recycle your old one? Every year, Americans buy more than 100 million cell phones. Most of those replace older handsets, which wind up at the bottom of a desk drawer and, eventually, a landfill where toxins from their circuit boards, coatings,... - read more

T-Mobile USA Says Bye-Bye To "Handset Upgrade" Fee

T-Mobile USA Inc. has eliminated its handset upgrade fee. As of yesterday, the carrier will no longer charge the $18 fee for customers to sign a new contract and buy a new device. Further, the carrier pointed out that the move is not a holiday promotion, it is an indefinite offer. Of course,... - read more

Loopt Snags AT&T, Now Available On Every U.S. Carrier

Mobile social network Loopt goes live on three AT&T phones today, which was the last major carrier holdout. Loopt is now available in the U.S. on Sprint, Verizon, Metro PCS, T-Mobile and Boost. The service is free for a year and then a $4/month fee kicks in. You can get Loopt for free on... - read more

T-Mobile Samung T929 Memoir Gets FCC Stamp of Approval

Some people know this phone as the Samsung Leica or the Samsung Memoir. Well, this rose by any other name is just as sweet, because the Samsung T929 has gained the FCC's approval, getting it that much closer to a launch with T-Mobile in the United States. Why would you be interested in this... - read more

New Car-Ignition Key Can Jam Mobile Phones

University of Utah researchers have developed an automobile ignition key that prevents teenagers (or anyone frankly) from talking on cell phones or sending text messages while driving. The university has obtained provisional patents and licensed the invention – Key2SafeDriving – to a... - read more

Add Some Holiday Cheer With Mobile Games From Verizon Wireless

This holiday season, Verizon Wireless customers can bring the most popular console games to their mobile phones and play anytime, anywhere on the nation’s most reliable wireless voice and data network. Verizon Wireless games offer an affordable on-the-go option for the dedicated gamer who... - read more

Nokia 2605 Mirage From Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless, builder and operator of the nation’s most reliable wireless network, and Nokia, the world leader in mobility, announced that the new Nokia 2605 Mirage. Customers can purchase the Nokia 2605 Mirage in stores across the country beginning Jan. 23, 2009. The Nokia 2605... - read more

Second Google Phone 'Agora' Out In January: Available Now For Pre-Sale

The world's second Google phone, based on the Android mobile operating system, is set to launch at the end of January. Manufactured under the Australian Kogan brand, the phone will come in two flavors, for $225 or $295. The Agora and Agora Pro models are both available for pre-sale now on... - read more