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  • Android OS
  • 5MP Camera
  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • 1.4Ghz processor

    A lightning-fast 1.4Ghz processor delivers the speed you want, so you can experience powerful entertainment and more right on your device.

  • Address book

    The info you need to contact your contacts.

  • Alarm clock

    Handy reminders help you stay on schedule.

  • Always-On Social Networking

    Always-on access to your favorite social networking sites keeps you on top of what's happening with just about everyone you care about.

  • Autofocus

    Autofocus can help you avoid blurry photos by automatically focusing your camera lens on your main subject.

  • Bluetooth® connectivity

    Wirelessly connect your device to optional compatible hands-free accessories such as headsets and car kits.

  • Calculator

    A handy way to check your figures.

  • Calendar

    Keep track of appointments and even set reminders to make sure you're on time.

  • Camera Flash

    Use a built in-flash to get better pictures in less-than-ideal lighting situations.

  • Camera Zoom

    Use the digital zoom to get a close-up picture without getting too close.

  • Conference calling

    Talk to two people at the same time.

  • Easily synch w/ Microsoft Outlook

    Stay in synch with your Contacts, Calendar, and Email in Microsoft Outlook

  • Enhanced App Launcher

    The Enhanced App Launcher organizes your apps for fast access to the ones you use most. You can also use the search bar to quickly find the exact app you're looking for.

  • Games

    Enjoy your down time more with fun games on your device.

  • Genius Button

    Genius ButtonTM lets you call, send messages, search the Web, or find things nearby with a simple voice command.

  • Google Play

    Your favorite music, books, movies, apps, and games are all in one place that's accessible from the Web and any Android device.

  • GPS with Navigation Capability

    Get your real-time location on maps, driving directions, and more.

  • Messaging [Text, IM & Picture]

    Send a message or a photo to any wireless device or e-mail address. Or stay connected using your choice of instant messenger services.

  • Micro SD memory slot

    Add more memory for multimedia files, data, and more.

  • Music player

    Transfer your favorite music files from your computer to your phone and listen in stereo on compatible headphones.

  • myTouch Setup

    Now it's easier than ever to set up your new phone-we'll walk you through the simple step-by-step process.

  • Personal and Work E-mail

    Send and receive messages from personal and work e-mail.

  • Provides wireless internet connectivity

    Access the full Internet on your laptop, while on-the-go anywhere within the T-Mobile's network.

  • QWERTY keyboard

    The built-in familiar layout lets you type messages easily without searching for the letter you want.

  • Simple to Set Up - Plug-and-play

    Plug-and-play says it all-set-up doesn't get easier than this.

  • Swype

    Make messaging on your touch-screen device faster, easier, and more fun. With this innovative new keyboard, you simply slide your finger over the letters that make up the word you want to spell.

  • Tips App

    Learn to use your phone on the go, with handy quick tips and FAQs on downloading apps, taking and sharing photos, and more.

  • T-Mobile® TV

    Watch live TV, news, sports, and kids' shows, and stream popular entertainment on demand with T-Mobile TV.

  • Touch Screen with On-Screen Keyboard

    Everything your device can do is now literally at your fingertips. A high resolution touch screen gives you fast and fun access to your device's display.

  • USB Tethering

    Use your phone's data connection to access the Internet on your laptop.

  • Vibrating alert

    Device vibrates to let you know you have a call or message without disturbing anyone.

  • Video capture/playback

    Capture and play back short video clips.

  • Visual Voicemail

    With Visual Voicemail you can listen to your voicemail messages in any order, respond in one click and easily manage your inbox without ever dialing in to the network.

  • Voice-activated dialing

    Call someone with simple voice commands when your hands are busy.

  • Voice-activated functions

    Control your device with your voice.

  • Wi-Fi & Mobile Calling

    Call normally, or use Wi-Fi when you don't have cellular reception.

  • Wi-Fi Sharing

    Use your device's web connection to connect laptops and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Internet.



  • 0.56 x 2.5 x 4.9 inches


  • 6.52 ounces

Included battery:

  • 1500mAh

Talk time:

  • 6 hours

Standby time:

  • 7.7 days

Band (frequency):

  • 850 MHz;900 MHz;1800 MHz;1900 MHz;UMTS: Band I (2100);UMTS: Band IV (AWS);UMTS: Band IV (1700/2100)

Hearing Aid Compatibility:

  • M3 & T3
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • USB Cable
Price: $216